In Memoriam


Leonie Caulfield passed away on February 23 2011.

Leonie was thrilled to paddle with International Pink Sisters at Peterborough in June 2010. It meant a huge amount to Leonie to realise her goal of paddling in an international event, her first ever, even though she (and we) knew the writing was on the wall. She was a person who never did things by halves. Determined, and committed to her home team in New Zealand, she was passionate about dragon boating. Her energy and dedication benefited her own team and the Auckland Dragon Boat Association, helping revitalise the sport in her home town.

Leonie is missed by her family and her many friends. We still feel her presence when we are paddling. She was a very special lady.

 Leonie Caulfield 


Solvej Riana Strandvik passed away peacefully holding her father's hand at 21:00 on 24 June 2011. She felt no pain and has gone to a much better place!

Solvej was an amazing daughter, sister and friend. She was and always will be an inspiration to us. We would go to visit her to encourage her and would find ourselves instead, strangely, being encouraged and lifted up by her. This is how she was right up until the end. Throughout her sickness I can't remember her complaining or getting angry or resentful once! This is how she was in life - a beautiful, caring and selfless person.

Solvej we love you and miss you. We are completely devastated and your leaving us has left a hole in our hearts. Your life was cut short, but we know you are where you want to be - with your Father who has been faithful to you and carried you through the tough times and has now carried you home!

Lois Steed

Solvej Riana Strandvik

International Pink Sisters Dragon Boat Team

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